As a static image is taken by a photographer, Stills tries to capture that moment and translate it into sounds, moods, a feeling or a soundtrack for pictures.
This duo works with different photographers per project, each time telling their story with their instruments, their voice or just objects.

Stills is:
Audrey Lauro: alto sax
Pak Yan Lau: prepared piano, hohner pianet, electronics, organ, synth (depending on the projects different instruments are used)

Currently working with photographer Ian Dykmans ( ) whose particular works touch not only the image, but the texture as well as the print, and summons up a particular dreamy and faded world, combining nature and cities.

We are presenting a limited edition release of 100 cassette by Logique Floue with a fanzine by Ian Dykmans.

Look and listen:




Passed project:

Worked on the project ‘reVealing’ with Silvano Magnone ( ) where the portraits are being developed in front of your eyes. With the use of the organ, the synth, electronics and the saxophone, the change of the image takes place with the change of the sound and the texture. In a very subtle way, the sound transforms while the image gets revealed.



‘Loin du Japon’ tells the story of 16 young Japanese photographers and their feeling of being away from Japan after Fukushima. Curated and organised by Satoru Toma ( First meeting with these images was at Contretype (brussels) in a benefit for the victims of Fukushima. A second performance happened on invitation of CC CHIROUX for their Festival PING PONG.


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