A nice video from my last solo ‘Book for Wood’ on prepared (this time upright) piano! Big thanks to UN PEU, a most special and wonderful place and their beating hearts Cayo Scheyvens and Mathieu Ha.

Out in Fall 2015!! My solo project ‘Books’ in three parts, a wooden box with a laser engraved drawing containing 3 different 10″ vinyls, representing III universes:
Book of Wood: prepared piano, Book of Star: hohner pianet, synths, electronics, Book of Toy: toypianos, electronics and objects. It is slowly, but surely taking shape. On top, i can thank Darin Gray, Chris Corsano and Paolo Angeli for their super fabulous input !!! And Xavier Coenen for his wonderful box design + Miquel Casaponsa for the superbe artwork… it is released on Silent Water in Limited Edition of 303 copies.

A wonderful review on The Wire Magazine about it:

review from the wire magazine

review from the wire magazine

Some sounds of ‘Books’

Book of Wood

Book of Star

Book of Toy

Here you can listen to a live set of ‘Book of Toy’

Here how it looks!

solo BOOKS Book of Toy Book of Wood Book of Star

Live Prepared Upright:

Live Pendules + Electronics

Live fragment of Solo ToyPiano’s and more…

Here is another live concert extrait with that idea of three parts:


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