Some more projects…

THE FABULOUS CHOI SISTER + PAK YAN LAU: Shadow theatre with Juhyun and Sunyoung Choi doing the figurines and manipulation with 3 overhead projectors, while i make the music for it. We just finished a creation for children. Soon more…

MALRIC/LAU DUO: Duo with pianist Lionel Malric, started as a prepared piano duo (DUO POUR 454 CHORDES), but due to the unreality of playing concerts on 2 grand piano’s, an electric duo with Lionel on the Clavichord and me on the Hohner Pianet and objects (just can’t leave them out!) came into existence. Heavy Acoustic and Smaller Electric versions will probably have their outputs on records in the future… (here a taste of Duo Pour 454 Chordes:

CORSANO/LAU DUO: Extended solo’s but in duo with Chris Corsano on the drums, and me on a bunch of toypiano’s, electronics and clockworks. We did a residency fall 2013 in Les Ateliers Claus (with thanks to a bourse of Smartbe), and now we are  preparing a release with Les Albums Claus.

EGGSTREAM: Drone trio with Giovanni Di Domenico and Norberto Lobo. EP out on Silent Water. Want to know more? check out:

DREAM AND DRONE ORCHESTRA: Orchestra around, from and as a hommage to painter Micheal Biberstein with Norberto Lobo; guitar, Joao Lobo: drums, Manuel Mesquita: yamaha an1x keyboard, Giovanni Di Domenico: fender rhodes & elec., Daniele Martini: tenor saxophone, Alexandra Grimal: tenor saxophone, Gonçalo Almeida: double bass, Pak Yan Lau: sampler,  electronics, keyboards, Mariana Ricardo: ukelele, Ian Carlo Mendoza:darbuka, maracas,teponazli

A live recording LP on Silent Water and Doubledog Records is coming out very soon, more info:

MATTERS COLLECTIVE:  Soundpainting Project under the direction of Augustin De Bellefroid. Info:

SAAI: Children Theatre Tweelicht & Zoon Production: Dance – theatre – cartoon performance with live music for the little ones. The story of a flower on her adventures. With Priske Dehandschutter, Sanne Maessen (actors), Pak Yan Lau (live music), Jos Dom (director and texts), Dries Maessen (animation).

HOMMAGE AU SACRE DU PRINTEMPS (WORK IN PROGRESS): A multi disciplinary project with La Zampa Cie (dance), Vincent Capes (video), Yann Lecollaire (clarinet), Benjamin Chaval (batterie, machines), Lionel Malric (prepared piano) and me (pianet hohner).