Here some impressions from (t)ears installation i did for OORtreders Festival, in Pelt. A collaboration with Musica Impulscentre and Glazen Huis (Lommel).  A 22 mouthblown glass tear shaped installation with hydrophones, dripping water and speakers. A little glass acousmonium mixed in with some stereo technotears! Sources out of the speakers are recorded during workshops with young and old about ‘tears’. When do we cry, why do we cry and how do we translate that in sound?

All pictures by Zjuul Devens during opening night OORtreders festival October 2022 while i was live manipulating (t)ears. Also included ‘The Wire’ writing about it.


I had a very nice talk with Kristoffer Cornils from Berlin based Field Notes, for the Month of Contemporary Music, edition by Kontraklang, who invited Bakunawa to play in the amazingly beautiful St.Elisabeth Kirche, Berlin !!

Read about it here:

Invited by Florilegio for a little essay about my gong rods & toy pianos!

Read about it here: Pak Yan Lau: Hidden Souls and Curious Objects


Lately i have been pulled into a more installation approach. Thanks to Musica, Impuls Centre and Glazenhuis, im researching and creating (t)ears, an audiovisual installation inspired by all kind of tears. Stay tuned, more info coming up! For now check the first steps here:


NEW RELEASE! It took some years, but we made it :) ‘Traditional Noise’ / in duo with Mette Rasmussen out on Holidays Records, with white or red cover on a limited edition of  300. Cover by Virginia Genta

More info here:




Wonderful news!! Bakunawa is out!! Coproduced by Cortizona label and STUK, and recorded at kunstencentrum nona. All info here:

and beautiful words by Soundohm here:

CORTIZONA012_pyl_mock up


A little video of my solo (Book of Wood) filmed by Cayo Scheyvens for UN PEU television. UN PEU is a magical place, taken care of by Mathieu Ha and Cayo Scheyvens here in Brussels.


Honored and happy to announce that from April 2021 till March 2022 i’ll be part of the SHAPE platform for (hopefully) more musical and sound adventures!! For those that wonder what that is: 

Also very happy to announce that a new release came out!!

lauroshilau Live at Padova is now out on el NEGOCITO records!

a beautiful moment captured at Centro d’Arte di Padova…



One of the concert i could play in lockdown 2020 was this really fun moment on Charlemagne’s carillon. Here is a video (more for documentation, but nicely captured by Charlemagne)


Teaser of Bakunawa, where you get to see what we actually play :) done by STUK, Leuven!


NEW TRAILER BAKUNAWA!! Beautiful shadow play and images by Juhyun Choi and wonderfully (video) edited by Miquel Casaponsa! Check it out :)


Review from Byron Coley for The Wire 440/ Size Matters on Trudge Lightly (duo with Darin Gray)



Live extrait from a first solo gig after 5 months of obligated covid silence! It was so good to play for a real, breathing, concentrating and lovely audience!


A beautiful memory and so lucky it was captured on this amazing festival Le Bruit de la Musique! Live concert of Duo Pour 454 Chordes.


Happy to share this from the Free Jazz blog about releases by TIOT and Trudge Lightly (in duo with Darin Gray) !!


NEW RELEASE!! Trudge Lightly in duo with Darin Gray, OUT NOW on BY THE BLUEST OF SEAS label :)


And some new things  new on bandcamp as well:

Some old things new on bandcamp :)



Little flashback: short extrait of duo with Chris Corsano at the Newcastle Jazz and Improvised Festival 2018


2020 is bringing new exciting projects! I’ll be working on a new ensemble piece called Bakunawa (for 5 players, toypiano’s, pendules, metal tubes, objects and harp!). Also expecting a beautiful release in duo with Darin Gray on By The Bluest Of Seas (new sisterlabel of Brussels Okraïna Records). This in the shape of a double 10″ LP, with beautiful booklet of pictures inside by Beata Szparagowska. Check the live page to see where to catch any of this!


‘Against The Clock ‘ for FACT magazine on Meakusma Festival 2019


I had a wonderful encounter with Federico Sanesi on tabla (and other stuff) at the super ZUMA fest 2019, luckily it has been filmed and well recorded by URSSS!! For those curious, here is the video!


5 stars and very kind words for our Duo Pour 454 Chordes (prepared piano duo with Lionel Malric) on The FreeJazzBlog by Stef Gijssels!! You can read it here:

AND… you could catch us in August during the Festival ‘Le Bruit De La Musique’ in France (


2 releases this month! Just to start the Chinese Year good :)

The Crappy Mini Band – Live at Les Ateliers Claus (recorded at Outlau’d Fest April 2011) on soundshots #3,  Artwork/Drawings done by Wim Lots.

The Crappy Mini Band was my fetish band for all that was small, toyish and just cute. We had some great adventures musically and in real life. I miss playing with that band, and just very happy to share a memory from those really fun times!!


And secondly, a great concert we did some years ago with Going, on CD format, since many people keep on asking me why we only had vinyls ;)

Going – Live at Atelier210 (recorded at Science&Cocktails event, March 2017) on soundshots #4 


Another year is passing, looking back, i remember starting 2018 with a nice talk and play with Nico Bogaerts for local Brussels Radio Panik!

For those interested, here the link to the podcast ;)

Happy to be part of August’s Wire ‘Below The Radar 28’

check it out here:



Duo Pour 454 Chordes (prepared piano duo with Lionel Malric)

is finally seeing it’s light in LP and CD form, and that on El Negocito Records!!

Very soon more info!!

cd dvd overprint_454_IAN

Next week i am hopping on the plane direction Tokyo and Taiwan with singer and electronic musician  Lynn Cassiers. We have been playing together in The Crappy Mini Band almost 10 years ago, but now we are going to explore the free and the improvised.

Happy to meet again with my great Japanese friends and looking forward to meet the new Taiwanese musicians out there!!

(I made some Taiwanese town names mistakes… Sorry for that!)flyerLynn:PY

New Album Out!! Going III Disque D’ORgue (on Silent Water/ Meakusma)


some live sets of my solo ‘Books’

And here it is:img_2999 our cassette of Stills on the label Logique Floue.

A limited edition of 100 cassettes + fanzine with the beautiful pictures of Ian Dykmans  are available! The music is composed with the photographs as our score…

listen here:


2016 will bring some more music! I am preparing with STILLS (duo with Audrey Lauro where we use photo’s as musical scores) a cassette release by Double Sesame ( with a booklet of photo’s by Ian Dykmans (

Also duo recordings with Mette Rasmussen have been done. The road of choosing, listening and mixing is coming up!!


BUT !!! 2015 has been a great year, i am proud to present my triple solo box ‘BOOKS’

a laser printed wooden box containing 3 different 10″ vinyls

(check it out here: )

I’ll be playing some concerts here and there to present it in 2016.

some sounds: 

Another nice release is my duo LP with Chris Corsano

‘Asbestos and Little Rain’ on Les Albums Claus

check it out :

Asbestos and Little Rain

front cover duo LP Lau/Corsano


Older posts about my running projects are in here: ;)