17-18/06: Scaphandre aux Bains Publiques – aquatic and artistic pool event in the Marolles (more info TBA soon), Brussels

26/08: Family – Workshop/Performance Musiscopes – Musica @ Summer Bummer Festival, Antwerpen

01/09: solo – Fluisterconcert @ Tempel, Amsterdam

17/09: ciné-concert Lotte Reiniger @ Bozar, Brussel

23-26/10: residency XING @ RAUM, Bologna (more info TBA)



29/05/2023: lauroshilau Album Release: Ônaki / Konaki @ Muzzix Lille

24/05/2023: lauroshilau @ Citadelic Festival / el NEGOCITO, Gent

22/05/2023: lauroshilau Album Release: Ônaki / Konaki (el NEGOCITO night) @ Klankhaven, Antwerpen

21/05/2023: lauroshilau Album Release: Ônaki / Konaki @ KAAP, Ostende, Belgium

17/05/2023: ‘Trudge Lightly’ Duo with Darin Gray + Quartet with Alan Wilkinson and Steve Noble @ Cafe Oto, London, UK

16/05/2023: ‘Trudge Lightly’ Duo with Darin Gray + Quartet with Lee Patterson and Charlie Collins @ International Anthony Burgess Foundation / Eroteme, Manchester, UK

14/05/2023: ‘Trudge Lightly’ Duo with Darin Gray @ AB salon, Brussels

12/05/2023: ‘Trudge Lightly’ Duo with Darin Gray @ Centro D’Arte di Padova, Ita

11/05/2023: ‘Trudge Lightly’ Duo with Darin Gray @ Ascolti Verticali / Le Serre dei Giardini, Bologna, Italy

08-10/05/2023: Recording residency with Darin Gray + guests Clara Levy, Aleksander Skoric and Giovanni Di Domenico@ Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels

07/05/2023: Four on Three ( 4e mains – Quartet with Giovanni Di Domenico, Darin Gray, and Frank Rosaly) @De Studio/ SIM, Antwerp, Belgium

26/04/2023: lauroshilau Album Release: Ônaki / Konaki @ Jazz à Poitiers, Poitiers, France

23/04/2023: Exotic Immensity / Finnisage – solo sharing the bill with Tomas Tello – The Dead Mauriacs @ Les Ateliers du Vent / Le Bon Accueil Reverb, Rennes, France

09/04/2023: Bakunawa – 14h45 @ Korzo Theatre / Rewire Festival, The Hague, The Netherlands

08/04/2023: Context Program TALK (‘Elements of Sounding’) with Ellen Fullman – 15h30 @ The Grey Space / Rewire Festival, The Hague, The Netherlands

17/03/2023: solo for vernissage SYMBIOSIUM_Cosmogonies Spéculatives by Centre Wallonie Bruxelles – Paris @ La Fondation Fiminco – Romainville, Paris, France

03/02/2023: Solo @ Space Force Operations / Het Bos, Antwerpen, Belgium

21/01/2023: Stills feat. Beata Szparagowska @ 10 Years Okraïna Records / Atelier210, Brussels

03/12/2022: KEROXEN Residency presenting The Ocean in Us @ El Tanque Cultural Space, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

28/11/2022 – 02/12/2022: residence KEROXEN @ El Tanque Cultural Space, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

12/11/2022: solo and trio with Lynn Cassiers and Quentin Stockart @ Tropicana, Brussels

5-6/11/2022: KrikKrak with Benjamin Vandewalle, KAAP @ Stadsschouwburg and Concertgebouw Brugge, Brugge

02/11/2022: trio with João Lobo and Marti Melia @WIELS / Nocturnes Instrumental, Brussels

28/10/2022: solo @ WEEK-END Festival, Koln

21-23/10/2022:(t)ears + live concert with (t)ears installation (on 21/10) @ OORtreders Festival, Pelt

15/10/2022: Solo concert and listening session of new radio creations Violeta&Nora / Sarek Jetna  @ La Maison Poeme, Brussels

4-9/10/2022: Sogni Liquidi with live concert on 9/10 @ AMOK festival – Jan Guilini Zwembad, Brugge

01/10/2022: duo with Hannes d’Hoine @Wunderkammer 4# / CC Strombeek, Strombeek

15/09/2022: Solo sharing the bill with Hannes Buder / Ifriqiyya Electrique @ Recyclart, Brussels

10/09/2022: Bakunawa Ensemble in double bill with Nist-Nah @ Kontraklang, Berlin

28/08/2022: Solo and sharing the bill with Marisa Anderson&William Tyler / De Kloe @ De Nor, Antwerpen

27/06/2022: with Beamsplitter @ Morphine Raum, Berlin

24/06/2022: Shortest Night: Giovanni Di Domenico’s Echoism @ Handelsbeurs, Gent

19/06/2022: Past>Orale @ Plantentuin Meise / GC Meise / CC Strombeek

22/05/2022: solo and sharing the bill with Daniel Blumberg @MUNCHO/ All Ears Festival, Oslo, Norway

21/05/2022: solo and sharing the bill with Daniel Blumberg @ Lokal Clubb with Nymusikk / All Ears Festival, Trondheim, Norway

08/05/2022: Activation Music Room NEVIN ALAGDAG with Tom Pauwels and Maris Paiuste @ Kunsten Festival Des Arts / Maison des Arts, Schaerbeek/Brussels

30/04/2022: duo with Amber Meulenijzer/SAAB sculptures @ Oscillation Festival / QO-2, Brussel

23/04/2022: DERAILED with Benjamin Vandewalle @ Dag van de Dans (Centraal Station Bxl), Brussels

17/04/2022: lauroshilau @ POM, Eindhoven

16/04/2022: lauroshilau @ L’An Vert, Liege

01/04/2022: Listen Festival @Les Brigittines, Brussels

30/03/2022: Solo for SHAPE platform @ Punctum – Krasovka / Meet Factory, Prague

24/03/2022: presentation sound installation (t)ears @Alba Nova Reeks/ Musica Impulscentrum Muziek, Herkenrode

22/03/2022: Solo – Sonosphere @De Worm, Rotterdam

19/03/2022: Made in China Festival @Handelsbeurs, Gent

25/02/2022: Pak Yan Lau + Théo Lanau / EC BAND/ Yves De Mey @De Beursschouwburg, Brussels

19/02/2022: Solo – Schiev Festival @De Beursschouwburg, Brussels

11/12/2021: Bakunawa @ Zindering Festival, kunstencentrum nona, Mechelen

20/11/2021: Bakunawa @ Keroxen Festival, Tenerife, Canary Islands

14/11/2021: Bakunawa @ Wilde Westen/ Sonic City Festival, Kortrijk

25-29/11/2021: DERAILED by Benjamin Vandewalle @ Station Oostende for Europalia Trains & Tracks, Oostende

17/10/2021: Weavings @ Unsound Festival, Krakow, Poland

10/10/2021: Premiere ‘Wander(E)ars’, also on the bill Phil Niblock and Natasha Barrett @ Musik Protokoll Festival, Graz, Austria

07/10/2021: Bakunawa, double bill with Sara Davachi @ Zaal Miry/ De Vooruit, Gent

02/10/2021: Solo, also on the bill KMRU and Noemi Büchi @ Maintenant Festival, Rennes, France

07/09/2021: Solo Book of Wood @ Hot Club De Gand, Gent

04/09/2021: Solo Book of Toy – Weirdly Fun @ Cataclysm Piano Festival, Geneve, Switzerland

31/08/2021: lauroshilau – Frederic Croene @ Citadelic Concerts in The Yugen Factory, Gent

27-29/08/2021: residency LAB / SHAPE  and solo /duo concert with Audrey Chen – OUTSIDE IN INSIDE OUT – Stadt Whelen, Germany

17/07/2021: Going @ Jazz no Parque, O Porto, Portugal

15/07/2021: Solo Appleton Festival @ Igreja de Santa Isabel / organised by Appleton, Lisboa, Portugal

04/07/2021: PAST>/ORALE with Zefiro Torna @ Plantentuin Meise, Meise (cancelled/postponed to 2022)

03/07/2021: Blind Dates Magnétik Poétik (17h) @ Place Bethlehem, Brussels

02/07/2021: Forgotten Things, Lingering Thoughts, solo piece for Churches @ Oude Kerk Charlois (by Vrooom & Koffie en Ambacht), Rotterdam

15/06/2021: Release Bakunawa Concert / Artefact Festival @ STUK, Leuven

10/06/2021: Going @ Planetarium/Brussels Museum Nocturnes, Brussels dankzij/met de steun van de Vlaamse activiteitenpremie.

28/05/2021: Concert with Giovanni Di Domenico’s project, including Manuel Mota, Joe Talia and Stan Maris @ Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels.  Dankzij/met de steun van de Vlaamse activiteitenpremie.

06/05/2021: Trio with Giotis Damianidis and Giovanni Di Domenico @ Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels for Still Standing

03/05/2021: C_ÎME @ BRASS Centre Culturelle, Bruxelles for Still Standing

03/04/2021: PAST> /ORALE with Zefiro Torna@ Concertgebouw Brugge

02-04/04/2021: Visitations Festival II @ Sound in Motion

07/03/2021: concert Lauroshilau @ Safe’n Sundays, Werkplaats Walter, Brussels

01-04/03/2021: Residency Lauroshilau @ Werkplaats Walter, Brussels

19/02/2021: (live) Radio: Add wings to a pepper to make a dragonfly (Low-fi Earplay) @ Qo-2, Brussels

24-26/11/2020: residentie – video opname Bakunawa  @ STUK, Leuven

22/11/2020: playing Charlemagne Palestine Carillon @ Kanal Centre Pompidou, Brussels – live stream and outside at Kanal Centre Pompidou

22/10/2020: Premiere Bakunawa @ nona, Mechelen

01/10/2020: (in) konbini (duo with Lynn Cassiers) + João Lobo solo @ Recyclart, Brussels

27/09/2020: Going @ Jazz Middelheim (collab Sound in Motion), Antwerpen

02/09/2020: solo + Limpe Fuchs @ QO-2, Brussels

20-28/08/2020: Residency Bakunawa @ nona, Mechelen

08/08/2020: laurohsilau @ Citadelic Festival, Gent

3-4/02/2020: residency @ STUK – work in progress Bakunawa, Leuven

6 – 12/01/2020: residency @ QO-2 – work in progress Bakunawa, Brussels

26/10/2019: solo ‘Books’ @ Drasch / Beautés Soniques 2019 Festival

12/10/2019: Insalata Statica + Zuppa di Pazienza from Giovanni Di Domenico @ SMOG/ Werkplaats Walter, Brussels

06/09/2019: Going with Tetuzi Akiyama and Manuel Mota @ Meakusma Festival, Eupen

31/08/2019: Cine-concert (solo) for Three Landscapes, Peter Hutton @ Periferia Festival, Brussel

23/08/2019: Quintet with Audrey Lauro, Ada Rave, Jasper Stadhouders, Adam Cadell @ Summer Bummer Fest, Antwerpen

15/08/2019: Duo Pour 454 Chordes @ Festival ‘Le Bruit De La Musique’, Saint-Silvain-Sous-Toulx F23

07/04/2019: ‘Sonic Treatise’ @ Greylight Project Space by KRAAK, Brussels

05/04/2019: Going (end of residence – concert)@ La Balsamine, Brussels

04/04/2019: Solo ‘Book of Toy’@ SMAK, Citadelic concerts, Gent

24/03/2019: Solo ‘Book of Wood’ @ Jazz en Nord Festival, Lille

14/03/2019: Solo ‘Books’ @ SPITS, Leuven Jazz – Prelude, Leuven

09/02/2019: Going @ L’An Vert, Liege

11/01/2019: Solo Book Of Wood, SMOG #32 @ Werkplaats Walter, Brussels

30/11/2018: lauroshilau @ Centro D’Arte, Padova (Italy)

01/11/2018: release concert Duo Pour 454 Chordes (with Lionel Malric) @ SMAK, Gent

07/10/2018: workshop/talk ‘ The Aesthetics Of Imperfection’ / ‘The Aesthetics Of Possibilities’ @ Newcastle Jazz and Improvesed Festival (UK)

06/10/2018: duo with Chris Corsano @ Newcastle Jazz and Improvised Festival (UK)

23/09/2018: Going @ (13h) CC Strombeek, Strombeek

22/09/2018: Going @ BXL-BLEND IT, Brussels

14/09/2018: Going (Silent Water Label Night) @ Walter, Brussels

16/06/2018: Vision of Musicals with B.C. + Solo Pak Yan Lau ‘Book Of Star’ @ BXL – BLEND IT, Brussels

04/06/2018: quartet with Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akyama and Lynn Cassiers @ Ftarri, Tokyo (Japan)

03/06/2018: solo’s, duo’s with Lynn Cassiers + suprises @ Cochlea Lab, Kaohsing (Taiwan)

02/06/2018: solo’s, duo’s with Lynn Cassiers @ Little Play, Taichung (Taiwan)

01/06/2018: solo’s, duo’s with Lynn Cassiers @ Lacking Sound Fest at The Venue, Taipei (Taiwan)

31/05/2018: solo’s duo’s with Lynn Cassiers + duo Feng-Chen Shieh and Deng-Yao Chang @ JSYG, Hsinchu  (Taiwan)

30/05/2018: solo’s, duo’s and more with Lynn Cassiers, Lan Tung, Min-Chin Kuoh, Olifa Hsieh  @ Rejkyvak Lab, Tai Pei (Taiwan)

28/05/2018: quartet with Lynn Cassiers, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto and Tetuzi Akiyama @ Apollo, Tokyo (Japan)

27/05/2018: with Lynn Cassiers and Daysuke Takaoka @ Cinecafe Soto, Tokyo (Japan)

26/05/2018: with Lynn Cassiers and Daysuke Takaoka @ Bar Isshee, Tokyo (Japan)

25/05/2018: duo with Michiyo Yagi @ Koen Dori Classics, Tokyo (Japan)

24/05/2018: with Lynn Cassiers and Akira Sakata @ Bar Isshee, Tokyo (Japan)

12/05/2018: Solo @ Skip The Weekend at Klooster Mariadal, Hoegaarden

28/04/2018: celebration with and for 5years Ballets Confidentiels @ CC Jacques Franck,Brussels

27/03/2018: Going @ Science&Cocktails (by ULB), Atelier210, Brussels

28/01/2018: Visions of Musicals with Ballets Confidentiels @Ten Weyngaert, Brussels

24/01/2018: Solo @ Le Paradis, Brussels

21/01/2018: Visions of Musicals with Ballets Confidentiels @ Lava Cafe, Brussels

16/01/2018: talk and play @ Radio Panik (info: )

12/01/2018: Visions of Musicals with Ballets Confidentiels @ Beeldenstorm, Brussels

30/11/2017: Duo with Mette Rasmussen @ AB Salon, Brussels

03/12/2017: Duo with Mette Rasmussen @ De Studio, Antwerpen

25/11/2017: Solo @ Gallery Vorn Und Oben, Eupen

08/11/2017: Going (release ‘Disque D’ORgue’!!!)@Cafe Central, Brussels

04/11/2017: Going (showcase ‘Disque D’ORgue’!!!)@ Sonoscopia, Porto

03/11/2017: Going (showcase ‘Disque D’ORgue’!!!)@ SMUP, Parede

02/11/2017: Going (showcase ‘Disque D’ORgue’!!!)@ DAMAS, Lisboa

31/10/2017: Going (showcase ‘Disque D’ORgue’!!!)@Antiga Casa da Cultura, Caldas Da Rainha

31/10/2017: Going (showcase Disque D’ORgue’!!!)@Antiga Casa da Cultura, Caldas Da Rainha

20/10/2017: Going@Night Of Suprise, Stadtgarden, Köln

22/10/2017: Going (release ‘Disque D’ORgue’!!!)@De Worm, Rotterdam

24/10/2017: Stils + Ian Dykmans @ ULB Point Culture, Brussels

01/09/2017: Stills + Ian Dykmans@ Ten Weyngaert, Brussels

11/06/2017: Supermouche/Supervlieg Festival (Secret Sound Escape: Audiowalk), Brussels

05/06/2017: Solo ‘Book of Toy’ @ Citadelic Festival, (El Negocito Records), Gent

27/05/2017: Solo ‘Book of Toy’ @ KAIOLA FESTIBALA, Bilbao

20/05/2017: duo pour 454 chordes @Musée d’Art, Histoire et Archeologie dans le cadre de La Nuit Européene des Musées, Evreux

17/05.2017: Going (before Bing & Ruth) @ Botanique, Brussels

07/04/2017: duo with Rie Nakajima  + kalimi @ qo-2, Brussels

09/03/2017: solo Book of Toy + solo João Lobo, Rosenfeld Porcini, London

10/03/2017: solo Book of Wood + solo João Lobo, Chez Yasmine et Martin, Lille

13/12/2016: duo with Audrey Lauro @ Hot Club De Gand, Gent

04/12/2016: Going @ STUKCafe, Leuven

02/11/2016: Going Japan (Going with Japanese friends!) @ Cafe Central, Brussels

24/09/2016: Going, Meakusma Festival, Eupen (

20/09/2016: Duo with Eric Wong @ Cafe Central, Brussels

23/07/2016: ‘De Vis en De Parel’ Shadow Theatre @ Gentse Feesten , Gent

06/07/2016: with Oba Loba @ Jazz Copenhagen Festival, Denmark

24/03/2016: Presentation solo ‘Book of Star’ @ Huis23 (21.15h), AB, Brussels

25/03/2016: Presentation solo ‘Book of Star’ @ Junglingshaus FOYER (replacing TSEMBLA) with also Jens-Uwe Beyer, organised by MEAKSUMA, Eupen

06/03/2016: Darin Gray with Lau, Lauro, Di Domenico, Lobo and Mota: Oorstof @ De Studio, Antwerp

10/02/2016: Presentation solo box Books: ‘Book of Star’ (solo for electronics, sampler and synths) @ Cafe Central, Brussels

12/12/2015: Quartet with Teuk Henri, Cyrille De Haes and Emil De Waal @ (17h) Monk Cafe, Brussels

09/12/2015: Going @ Cafe Central, Brussels

28/11/2015: Solo presentation solo box Books: ‘Book of Toy’ (solo for toypianos and electronics) @  Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels

18/11/2015: Duo with Mette Rasmussen (in between Thorax and Zu) at Magasin 4, Brussels

14/11/2015: Going at Musica Ficta om 19h, De Casino, St.Niklaas

04/11/2015: The Fabulous Choi Sisters + Pak Yan Lau (schadowtheatre ‘Le Poisson et La Perle’) at Filem’on Festival (Cinema Nova), Brussels

01/11/2015: Improv concert with Christine Abdelnour- Anna Högberg- Audrey Lauro-Yuko Oshima at De Studio organized by Sound In Motion, Antwerp

09/10/2015: Solo concert (Release Solo ‘Books’ box project), NZZN Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands (info:

30/09/2015: Performance OLMF at Volcano Theatre, Swansea, Ireland

01/10/2015: Performance OLMF at Volcano Theatre, Swansea Ireland

24+25/09/2015: Performance OLMF at Maison De La Creation, Brussels

18+19/09/2015: Performance OLMF at Sinart, Budapest, Hungary

15+16/09/2015: Performance OLMF, Berlin, Germany

10+11/09/2015: Performance OLMF (One Land Many Faces, theatre project concerning the identity of Europe today), Teatro Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain

09/08/2015: Concert with AWAKE (Quark + Lynn Cassiers), Gaume Jazz Festival, Rossignol

31/07/2015: Going at 22h, Recyclart Holidays, Brussels

23/05/2015: Prepared Piano solo @ 21.30h, Young Jazz Festival, Foligno, Italy

13/02/2015: duo with Benjamin Chaval, BRASS, Brussels (info: )

30/01/2015-04/02/2015: performances with project OLMF, Carreau Du Temple, Paris, France info:

18/11/2014: Duo with Espen Reinertsen, Blow Out, Oslo, Norway

08/11/2014: Going with Yvan Bertrem and Yipoon Chiem (concert/dance): Trance&Rituals, CC Jacques Franck, Brussels

30/10/2014: Gregoir Tirtiaux invites with Laurens Smet and João Lobo, Recyclart, Brussels

14/10/2014: Electric Duo with Lionel Malric, Cafe Central, Brussels

15/09/2014-05/10/2014: residence project ‘One Land Many Faces’@ MDLC, Brussels (with presentation ‘work in progress’ on 03/10/2014)

27/06/2014: Duo with Audrey Lauro, Les Ateliers Claus, Velak expo 3# Festival, Brussels

31/05/2014: Going (trio) feat. Laurens Smet, Citadelic Festival, Gent (

05/05/2014: ‘SoNgoSam’ Solo (for toypiano’s, pendules and electronics), CC Jacques Franck @ 20.30h, Brussels

04/05/2014: Kinder Theater SAAI, CC De Ster, Willebroek (familievoorstelling 15h)

02/04/2014: Trio with Susana Santos and Joao Lobo, La Resistenza, Gent

26/03/2014: Going, Kinky Star, Gent

22/02/2014: Matters Collective, Museum Night Fever, MIM, Brussels

18/02/2014: ‘So Ngo Sam’ Solo (for Toypiano’s + Pendules + Electronics), also duo Audrey Lauro&Stale Liavik Solberg, Cafe Central, Brussels

16/02/2014: Prepared Piano Solo, Parrazar Soulbar, Brugge 17/02/2014: Duo with Peter Jacquemyn (also Duo Giovanni Di Domenico/Tetuzi Akiyama), Studio Grez

09/02/2014: Kinder Theater SAAI, CC De Wissel, Wingene (familievoorstelling 15h)

29/01/2014: Going: Cafe Central @ 21.30h, Brussels

26/01/2014: Going: AB-The Sound Of The Belgium Underground/Subbacultcha (ATTENTION: start of Going 15.20)

12/01/2014: Matters Collective, Cellule 133, Brussels

30/11/2013: Going, Eupen (

06/11/2013: Duo with Chris Corsano: presentation residence Les Ateliers Claus (rue crickx)

25/10/2013: ELECTRIC Solo (synths, pianet) : Mini Rat Event: Napoleon, Recyclart

26/10/2013: Solo and Duo with Andrea Parkins, qo2, ( and ( Brussels 18/10/2013: The Eggstream, Studio Grez, Brussels

19/10/2013: Solo Toy Piano’sss et etc.., qo2, ( and ( Brussels

22/10/2013: Solo Prepared Upright ‘All the way down’, Espace Remua, Brussels

04/10/2013: Going (double bill with THE EX): Les Ateliers Claus

06/10/2013: Going: De Worm, Rotterdam

07/10/2013: Going: White Rabbit, Freiburg

08/10/2013: Going: OFF bar, Basel

12/10/2013: Going: OPEKTA, Köln

12/09/2013: Matters Collective: CC Jacques Franck

06/07/2013: Going: Umbria Jazz Festival, Italy :

12/05/2013: The Crappy Mini Band: Parazzar Soulbar: Torhoutse Steenweg 10, 8000 Brugge (start 20.30h)

29/05/2013: Going: Cafe Central: Borgval 14, 1000 Brussels

01/06/2013: Nocturne Concert-Walk OUTDOORS in duo with Mathieu Calleja in ‘het klankenbos’ @ Musica: Toekomstlaan 15, Neerpelt, info:

21/04/2013: Wolves Stories (collective of women improvisers curated by Audrey Lauro): Les Ateliers Claus (info:

06/02/2013: Nejinski: Propulse Festival:Botanique: Rue Royale 236 – 1210 Bruxelles

09/11/2012: Matters: Escale Du Nord: rue du Chapelain, 1 – 1070 Bruxelles

18/11/2012: GOING – Rat Event: Trix: Noordersingel 28-30, 2140 Borgerhout (Antwerpen)

15/12/2012: GOING – RELEASE CONCERT: Les Ateliers Claus: Passage Rogier, 1000 Brussels