Lauroshilau 03

Trio with Audrey Lauro (altsax), Yuko Oshima (drums/sampler) and Pak Yan Lau (prepared piano/ toypianos, synth, electronics). Founded in 2013, this trio explores different approaches to improvisation. From ambient till free jazz, they search for their own sound, where each personality can develop their own voice, while staying strong as an unity.

‘The music of lauroshilau moves slowly, but steady. Sounds paint their way through walls of textures. Exploring the cracks and sparkles in space and time. Their universe brings out their essential with a minimal approach.’

Coming soon in 2021, CD release of ‘lauroshilau Live @ Padova’ on El Negocito Records. A live documentation of a concert in Centro d’Arte di Padova, Italy. Also a residency in Werkplaats Walter is foreseen in March 2021 to work and record their next album.

Meanwhile, you can listen to some extracts from ‘lauroshilau Live at Padova’ here:

A video from a concert at De Studio by Sound In Motion, OORSTOF series:

Debut album is released! And that by Creative Sources Recordings ( if you want your copy, buy it here: if you don’t want the physical object (although its really BEAUTIFUL ;) you can also go here:

Our little jewel looks like this (artwork by Miquel Casaponsa):

and sounds like this:

yuko oshima

yuko oshima@Beauhaus

pak yan lau @ Beauhaus

pak yan lau @ Beauhaus

audrey lauro@beauhaus

audrey lauro@beauhaus

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