Lauroshilau 03

Trio with Audrey Lauro (sax), Yuko Oshima (drums/sampler) and Pak Yan Lau (prepared piano/ toypianos, synth, electronics).

‘The music of lauroshilau moves slowly. Sounds paint their way through walls of textures. Exploring the cracks and sparkles in space and time. Their universe brings out their essential with a minimal approach.’

Debut album is released! And that by Creative Sources Recordings ( if you want your copy, buy it here: if you don’t want the physical object (although its really BEAUTIFUL ;) you can also go here:

Our little jewel looks like this (artwork by Miquel Casaponsa):




and sounds like this:

yuko oshima

yuko oshima@Beauhaus

pak yan lau @ Beauhaus

pak yan lau @ Beauhaus

audrey lauro@beauhaus

audrey lauro@beauhaus

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